The Tie and Jeans Combo: An Unofficial Guide

It has become increasingly accepted and popular over the last years to wear a tie with jeans. This is a bit of high-and-low mix, which can work very well in your favor. However, due to the fact that such a combination implies putting together two pieces that are generally considered to be coming from different areas of the fashion world, we have put together a few pointers that will help you make wise decisions when wearing a tie with jeans.


 A story of cohesion

The main thing that can go wrong when wearing a tie with jeans is that you will look like you pinned together two looks from different worlds. The risk is for you to look extremely “business” on top and very casual on the lower half. While high-and-low mixes sometimes go together, there is a good chance it won’t work in your favor, which is why you should think of creating cohesion between the two pieces.

Color matters

A very easy way to affirm the fact that you are consciously putting together a tie and jeans outfit, you can go for simple color coordination. In this sense, you can wear a light blue tie, which will go with the color of the jeans (of course, if the jeans are of another color, you can wear that color) or choose a color that goes with the color of the jeans based on a classic color scheme. For example, you can opt for a yellow tie to contrast with the dark blue color of the jeans.

Fabrics make the outfit

When creating a tie and jeans outfit, you should bear in mind that denim doesn’t really go with extremely fine fabrics such as silk. This is why, when you are wearing jeans, it’s best to choose a tie that is made from a more casual fabric, rather than one made from something like silk. Keep your shine to a minimum and go for a fabrics mix that goes well and you are almost set.

Style matters

Last, but certainly not least, when you are wearing a tie with jeans, it’s always important to choose not just a tie color and a fabric that go with denim, but an overall style too. For example, a striped office tie may be too dressy for jeans, but a more casual, fun or even quirky tie will do the job better. In this sense, you can even consider wearing a knit tie (with a square end) which will connect the two worlds visually. As a side note, we recommend that you wear a dressier jacket rather than a very casual jacket with such a combo. A dinner jacket may be too dressy, but a simple sports jacket or blazer will look right with a tie and jeans.

Today, men have to wear outfits that go from one context to another and wearing a tie with jeans is a great way of ensuring that you’ll look good both at a casual work brunch and during an evening garden party.

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