Not Sure What To Wear To A Summer Wedding? We Got You Covered!

Deciding what to wear to a wedding is reasonably straightforward if the dress code is strictly black tie, but you’d be surprised at the lack of sartorial rules. To avoid cringing when looking back at wedding photos, we’ve compiled a go-to guide full of tips and outfit ideas to see your wedding style soar this summer!

Read The Invitation (Then Re-Read and Re-Read Again!)

The wedding invitation is the first clue when it comes to pulling together an on-point look for the occasion! Make sure you double check the details to see if the soon-to-be-wed couple has specified dress code. It’s important to respect the dress code on the invitation!


Make It Personal

We know wedding dress codes are strict but that doesn’t mean you have to shed all personality! Ensure that you’re suitably dressed but remain true to your personal style! Whether it’s a printed pocket square or a contrast-colored brogue, always remember to customize your look with all personal touches!


Don’t Upstage The Groom

While ‘being you’ is a sure win on style points, it’s only polite to stop yourself of stealing the spotlight from the main man of the event! It’s typically a very common rule for women guests to refrain from upstaging the bride–and the same applies to men!


Look Into The Venue

Before deciding on what to wear to a wedding, it’s worth looking into where it will take place! For example, if it’s a beach ceremony then a linen suit will work.


Black Tie

Few summer wedding requires you to wear a dinner jacket, but if you’re attending one taking place in the evening, it’s a possibility! Assuming you’re not part of the wedding, black tie means a classic suit. Color-wise, there are two options: classic black or midnight blue. The former is timeless and fits the dress code exactly, but the latter makes for a more interesting option if the dress code allows! As for the accessories, a black bow tie and a pair of black dress shoes or velvet slippers will finish your look perfectly.


A More Contemporary Suit

A contemporary two-piece suit will satisfy the requirements of the dress code and can actually be worn several times over! Breathable materials like linen, cotton, and blends of the two serve well for weddings in a hotter climate. For a versatile suit that won’t date anytime soon, opt for a color like grey or a summery neutral such as beige. Layer the suit over a crisp, freshly ironed white, sky blue or pink shirt and wear a lightweight tie.


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