How To Pick A Suit For Your Body Type

All suites are good for everybody. Whether you’re short, tall, skinny, large or stacked, a bespoke solution is required – even if you’re only buying off the peg. Finding the right suit shouldn’t be a gamble. This is the FashionBeans guide to the type of suit that, well, suits your type.

Short Men

Definitely, think linear. Your main focus should create the appearance of one long line from head to toe. A neat, tapered trouser worn slightly higher on the hip adds inches to the legs. Many brands and retailers offer ‘short’ cut versions of their suits; this elongates your pins, while the deep V-shape created by a two-button jacket ensures your torso isn’t too diminutive.

Tall Men

Those in this category have the opposite problem to short men and therefore – surprise, surprise – the opposite solution. More specifically, the aim is to break up the vast space between your head and toes all the way down there in the distance, beneath the clouds.

Skinny Men

Skinny men share some of the same problems as the short and tall guy, but predominantly the latter.

Larger Men

The style world has got increasingly better at catering for guys with larger builds, and therefore you shouldn’t be deterred from tailoring, especially as this is your opportunity to contour.



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