How To Discover One Self Through Fashion

It’s always important to take a step back from everyday life and ask yourself: why does fashion matter to me? This is a good question to ask yourself when you’re not feeling connected to your wardrobe or when you’re not so sure of the fashion role in your life. 


Using fashion to help you discover who you are is such an important tool in everyday life. It is one of the many ways that can enrich your life. Ultimately, fashion can be considered a gateway to yourself. When we try on a piece of clothing, we begin to understand what we like, what we don’t like, what kind of person we want the world to see. We’re becoming ourselves. 


The fundamental truth is, we turn to fashion to find ourselves. There are different kind of forces that draw us into fashion trends, styles, and more. Self-exploration, personal development, and transformation are needs that everyone tends to. And fashion helps us achieve that. 


Here are some tips on how to find your style: 


  1. STYLE IS A SKILL: dressing well is a skill that can actually be learned.

  2. DEVELOP YOUR “SHARP EYE” BY IDENTIFYING STYLE YOU LIKE: Take 5 minutes. List out 3 or more guys who style you think looks great and that is in the direction you’d like to go.

  3. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH STYLISH PEOPLE: The simplest change you can make is to start following stylish people on places like Instagram. It’ll give you a double whammy: It’ll expose you to great style and give you some inspiration, but it’ll also create an environment where dressing well is “normal”.

  4. STAY CLEAR OF GRAPHICS, LOGOS, AND WILD PRINTS (FOR NOW, AT LEAST): Solid colors and graphic/logo-less clothes make you look more refined and mature. The great thing is that this change is a simple swap.

  5. BUY THE BEST QUALITY YOU CAN FOR YOUR BUDGET: If you’re making 6-figures year, then an expensive pair of jeans might not be a big deal to you. But if you don’t make a lot in a day, there are plenty of great options at lower prices!

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