Neutral Colors In Menswear

Fashion experts, stylists and designers often talk about neutral colors when describing certain clothes. This term is used widely in shows, publications  and even in forums.

However, many people are not clear about what a neutral color really is and why neutral colors are important.

To give you a short and clear answer, neutral colors are those colors that are not extremely eye-grabbing and can thus be mixed and matched to absolutely any other color. In the neutral colors category fall black, gray, beige, khaki, brown, navy, ivory, white, tan, camel, and, according to some, dark shades of burgundy are also very versatile.

These colors are very helpful because they are outfit savers when you don’t know exactly how to mix and match colors. For example, bright green might clash with something like red, pink or even with certain shades of blue, but with a neutral such as khaki or beige, it will be balanced out and the overall outfit will be coherent.

Neutral colors also come in handy as balance items or backgrounds for prints and patterns. When you wear a print or a pattern, it can sometimes be tough to choose the colors it goes well. In this case, opting for black or dark blue can bring the outfit to completion.

When it comes to prints and patterns, the rule is to find one of the colors featured in the print or pattern and to match it with that, or to use a color with which most or all of the colors in the print or pattern go. This can be quite tricky, which is why this is a situation when neutrals come in handy.

Neutrals are also good colors to wear when you don’t know what to wear – for example at a new job, or what message you wish to convey – for example on a date. This way, the colors you wear will leave your developing emotions and decision lead and you’ll be comfortable with the things you choose to do, not feeling like you have to “play a part”.

All in all, neutrals are colors which are extremely important to have in your closet. They can complete any outfit, regardless of the dress code you need to maintain or of almost any other matter there could be.


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