Men’s Haircut Trends for 2020

When it came to men’s hair trends, 2019 brought us towards a more natural, messier finishes with our hair, and we expect that trend to continue as we look for styles that are easy to style, grow out and don’t require too much ‘high maintenance’.

So here’s all you need to know about the men’s haircuts that we expect to be popular in 2020 and how you can achieve them.

Natural Top With Low Fade 

When you get this haircut, you’re essentially letting the top of the hairdo what it naturally wants to do. To achieve this style wear the top with a natural texture. From there, you’ll want to take the sides down slightly shorter with a low or mid fade, that brings an element of style with the messier top. You don’t want anything too high with the fade in order to make it a more softer kind of look. 

The Messy Bedhead

Right out of the bedhead era, this punk rock-esque style rapidly on the rise one more. To rock this style, take the sides down short with around a 2-3 on the back and sides, or even use scissors to create a more personalized finish.

A Different Approach To Side Parting

The side part will never go out of fashion and will always be a classic style that quite a few men have experimented with at some point! In 2020, we should expect the side parting to return back to the classic shape from the 1930s or 1940s. Keep the sides longer with around a number 1-3 on the back and sides, or even scissor cut, and then leave more length in the fringe; getting shorter towards the crown. If you want a more modern take, add texture to the hair for a more natural, less slicked finish that’s easier to style and will require less maintenance. 

Medium Length Classic Scissor Cut

What is a medium length class, you ask? Well, there will be no short tight fades on the back and sides with this one and will be worn scissor cut all over to give a more natural effect. This will be all about tailoring a haircut to your face shape. The medium-length scissor cut has taken a slight step back in the minds of a lot of gents. But now medium length cuts are making a rapid comeback!

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