Grooming & Styling Tips For Summer

It is officially Summer and the sun will take a toll on your hair and skin. Not only that, summer is the season you spend the most time outside. So if you’re trying to catch someone special’s eye, you’ll want to be looking especially well-groomed. No need to worry about the sun and heat this summer. Just use these Summer grooming & styling hacks to look your best.

Groom To Manoeuvre

Products face perils on your travels. Wrap liquid toiletries in individual zip-lock plastic bags to limit the damage in case of spillages! Pack your wash bag near the top of your carry-on for ease of access when going through screening.

No More Wiping Out

No one wants to repeatedly apply antiperspirant on the go, so apply some stealthier countermeasures instead. Even something simple like an old-fashioned handkerchief to (discreetly) mop brows or armpits is a godsend in the heat–who would have though?


Underarm Woes

First, some infamous housekeeping rules: use a stronger antiperspirant to fend off smells, or perhaps consider an over-the-counter clinical strength option if you really have odour issues.

Bear The Sunburn

Your body is built to withstand reasonable amounts of sun exposure. And that exposure comes with a whole host of benefits (like helping you produce vitamin D). However, most guys overdo it and stay out in the sun far too long without proper protection. And that’s if they even apply sunscreen properly in the first place. Use these summer grooming hacks to protect your skin:

1 The right product

You want broad-spectrum sun protection with SPF 15 or higher. Waterproof and sweat-proof formulas are best. If you haven’t used an old bottle for a while, make sure it hasn’t expired.

2  Apply sunscreen before going outside

Your skin can’t instantly absorb your sunscreen. It takes dry skin about 15 minutes to properly soak it in. So if you’re applying sunscreen daily before heading out, make sure you give yourself enough time.

Summer Beards Are Possible

Sure, you’re proud of your luxurious facial hair. And with good reason. But underneath, your skin is getting sweaty, itchy and irritated. Use these summer grooming hacks and beard maintenance tips to stay cool.

  • Trim for summer. Unless you’re a die-hard long beard advocate, consider trimming your facial hair a bit shorter for the summer. It will be cooler, easier to deal with, and all around less sweaty.

  • Keep it clean. Make sure you’re washing your beard a few times each week. That will remove sweaty buildup and keep you looking and feeling better.

  • Spritz. Put some cold water in a small spray bottle and give your beard a little spritz when it’s hot out. It’s like strapping a mini swamp cooler to your face. Which is to say, it feels great.


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