The Best Shoes For Fall


The shoes you wear are a very important part of any outfit you make. As the saying goes, if you have a great haircut and great shoes, you can wear anything.

In the Fall, for example, the design of your shoes is extremely important, as there are more environmental factors you need to pay attention to. The always-changing temperatures, the rain, and snow and the occasional dirt left after the rain, all have a thing to say in the process of choosing your shoe style. Of course, temperatures and weather conditions are important in each season and they should be taken into consideration after shoe fit and style.

This is why some shoe styles are better in the fall than in other seasons.

Chukka boots

Chukka boots are very cool for the autumn. They are very versatile and work very well both in casual and more formal contexts, given their laces and can be worn with anything from jeans to dress pants. Leather chukka boots are a great companion for windy days or moist weather conditions when you need to go from one place to the other. 

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are very similar to Chukka boots in terms of style, but there is quite a difference between them, in that they don’t feature laces but an elastic sideband. This makes them rather casual, but they are quite versatile too. Also, in case of snow or rain, Chelsea boots can be more appropriate, especially if you need to step in puddles or snow, as you’ll be sure no water will enter through the laces holes. 


Oxford shoes go year-round, so they are included in the list of autumn shoes by default. Of course, these shoes go best if you can hop on and off a car, but if you have a good pair, you can wear them anyhow. Oxfords go with almost any type of outfit and will bring your style up a few notches every time you wear them.

Monkstrap shoes

Monkstrap shoes or double monk strap shoes are very cool for the autumn because they are usually stronger than other dress shoes and thus can resist the elements better. They also go with almost any type of outfit, but not with very formal or very casual ones. They are work or school appropriate, though.


A fine pair of classic boots that are not too heavy and winter-ready can also make for a good choice in the fall. Those who walk a lot or who love hiking will benefit from the comfort of a good boot. Dressier boots also go in a casual work environment.

Making wise decisions in terms of shoes will help you have a better sartorial experience and to feel your best during a season that can become quite moody sometimes. Wearing just the shoes that meet your needs in a particular context will make you not only look good, but also feel good, which is what great style is all about.

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