Going On A Cruise? Here’s What You Should Wear!

A cruise is a great way to spend a holiday, whether it’s just for a few days or for an entire month. Cruises are usually centered around warm climates and involve fun, summer-specific activities. This is why, obviously, your cruise fashion should be in tandem with that atmosphere. A great cruise wardrobe mixes style, function and easy portability. There are a few things you should consider when choosing your clothes for a cruise, which will make you make the best of your holiday.

The settings

Cruises feature a wide range of activities, from dancing lessons and games to the classic poolside lounging and even formal dinners. This is why it is important to know what and how to pack for each context.



The poolside setting is rather obvious and clear: you’ll need your swimming trunks and flip flops, but, what is extremely important is to think of whether you will need more than just one pair of each. Sometimes, you will want or need to change your trunks more times a week, in which case you should probably pack a few pairs. Having two pairs of flip flops with you can also turn out to be a good idea, even though you may not really need the second one (you can buy a second one on board on in a port, but often it’s better to be safe).



The casual wardrobe will very likely constitute the biggest part of your luggage. This entails everything you will be wearing on and off the ship and should include pretty much every type of clothing. In this sense, you should firstly focus on things like shirts (with both short and long sleeve), pants (both long and short), jackets (maybe a linen blazer or two and a sports coat), a sweater or two (sometimes it can get chilly, especially if you make a stop in a cooler climate) and of course, underwear and socks. Don’t forget to pack a pajama or two.

In terms of style, lightweight fabrics in bright colors may look best. Chalky shades of blue and pink go really well on a cruise, but you can wear any color you’d like.

In terms of shoes, you can bring along any style you like, but slip-on shoes may be your best bet as they are very summery and can be put on and taken off with great ease. You can find a lot of great inspiration in the cruise collections of most high-end fashion brands.



Sometimes, cruises organize special dinner events. For these, you should check the required dress code and what it implies and bring that along. When packing a formal or semi-formal outfit, don’t forget to bring along the corresponding shoes. To make sure your jacket, shirt, and pants won’t wrinkle (too much), put your dinner outfit in a travel bag.


When going on a cruise, it is very important to have one or more pairs of sunglasses with you. Your best option is polarized sunglasses, as these reduce the glare reflected off the water and do a great job at protecting your eyes.

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