When the cold season arrives, people are looking for creative ways to stay warm and to still look their best. Accessories such as earmuffs, hats and gloves help you do that.

Scarves are accessories that can add not only a lot of warmth but also some style. The main reason why scarves are so amazing is because they can be easily taken on and off, loosen up and played with in various ways. Besides this very practical aspect, scarves can also be tied or arranged in a wide variety of ways, which can transform your outfits very quickly.

However, many people find themselves not having a great relation to their scarf. Sometimes, when a really bulky scarf seems to come in handy, they realize that they will sweat from it and taking it off will be more of a pain, given that now they are sweaty and the temperature is low.

Sometimes, scarves cannot be tied in a way that covers you well enough to keep you guarded from the wind, in which case many people find it mandatory to wear a turtleneck sweater.

There are many other problems that can be caused by scarves.

Multiple scarves

And this is where the easy solution comes in. While this is not something you see every day, you can actually layer scarves and wear more than just one at a time. This simple solution is easy to do, but requires a little logistic thought, both from a practical and from a stylistic point of view.

Practical matters

From a practical point of view, when you want to wear multiple scarves, you should make sure that you choose the right ones in terms of thickness, length and width. For best results, you can vary these.

For example, a very thin, but wide scarf can represent the base layer, which comes in contact with your skin and that goes on your shirt and under the jacket. On top of that, you can tie up a long, but narrower one – which can also be thicker. And, should it be required, you can top it all off, over your jacket, with a blanket-style scarf that will seal the deal. If it’s too much, you can always take off one or two of them and be comfortable again.

Stylistic matters

In terms of style, when you are wearing many scarves, we recommend that you wear scarves that are very different in terms of style. Choose contrasting fabrics: silk, bulky cashmere and wool, for example, and for contrasting colors or patterns. As usually, neutrals are colors that go with anything. In fashion, neutral colors are beige, black, white, gray, khaki, ivory, brown, dark blue, etc. If one of your scarves is in one of these colors, it can balance out other colors such as red, yellow or green. Of course, you can also create a color combination of colors that a similar (green and purple), which is very subtle and elegant too.

If you are mixing patterns, make sure that they are of different sizes.

Making some quick, good decisions about your scarves can save you a lot of energy trying to fight the cold temperatures of winter and it can also add a lot of style to your outfits. So, while it is quite an eccentric way to wear your scarves, piling them on top of each other can actually turn out to be very beneficial for you, both from a practical and a fashion point of view.