Refreshing your look needn’t cost more than a round of drinks. Yes, you could spend the equivalent of a small car on a new wardrobe, but 45 minutes in the barber’s chair can have the same effect if you’re brave enough to say something other than “The usual”. Plus, if it’s the kind of barbershop we like – plush seats, hot towels, and craft beer – it’ll be a lot more pleasant than a march up the high street.

So what are we doing for you, today? If 2019’s hair trends are anything to go by, you can go one of two ways: messy or military. While some cuts favor texture and grunge-style long hair, others are all about a sharp short back and sides or no-messing buzz cuts.

From fashion weeks to your working week, here’s a heads up on the best men’s hairstyles for the year.

The Textured

Crop Since the bad bowl cuts of the nineties and the acne-inducing emo side sweeps of the noughties, sensible men have instinctively given fringe haircuts a wide berth. In most cases, this has been a wise risk aversion. But, this year’s big hitter on the fringe front – the textured crop – is neither scarily precise nor antisocial, just flattering for the majority of guys. The style, in a nutshell, is a remix of the short back and sides where the length on top works with gravity rather than against it. The style comes from the woke-up-like-this school of hairdressing, so if you’ve got several thousand hairs out of place that may be a good thing. If you’re slicker Rick that bird’s nest though, you’re still eligible to apply. “To create something with a smart, smoother finish by using a water-based pomade.”


The Undercut Quiff

The quiff is the default hairstyle of adolescents armed with too many hormones and too many bargain hair products. This year’s version is not so try-hard, however. It sees the quiff enter the serious grown-up hairstyle arena via a sharply contrasting undercut and a finish that prizes gentle matte texture over skyscraping stiffness. Before you think about which industrial-strength hair product can secure your hair into place, think about the cut; it’ll make maintaining this style a hell of a lot easier. Those familiar with keeping a quiff in place will know that technique (and a steady hand) is everything.


The Buzz Cut

Traditionally, the buzz cut has been shorthand for either rebellion against ‘the man’ or a way of turning you into just another number. Depending on your point of view, when the clippers come out, either your individuality or compliance with society will end up on the floor. Not that it can’t show off your good looks, but that’s the thing – you need to have the features for it. The sad fact of life is that we’re not all blessed with pleasantly proportioned heads. Once you’ve got the all clear to go all clear up top, it shouldn’t be a self-shave job with the hair clippers. The buzz cut may be uniform in length but small variations on your clippers’ guard can be the difference between Channing Tatum and Gollum. You’ll also need a barber to clean up the edges. And as it grows back, don’t think you won’t need a little product.